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A classic comedy of manners and a satire of snobbery in all its guises, dealing with the clash of cultures between Hollywood stars and the English aristocracy.

Set in 1951 in the Living Room of Marshwood House.

There’s unrest at Marshwood House. An English Earl is preparing to wed a Hollywood actress, Miranda Frayle, much to the disapproval of the family. Meanwhile, Miranda’s former flame, and current Hollywood sensation, Don Lucas arrives at the mansion …

Cast list

FELICITY: Countess - Lady of the Manor (50s)

NIGEL: Felicity's son, about to get married (30s)

MIRANDA: Nigel's Fiancee (American accent) (30s)

PETER: Feliclity's nephew (40s /50s)

CRESTWELL: Butler (50s/60s)

ELIZABETH: flighty young maid (late teens/20s)

LADY HAYLING: snobby friend of Felicity

ADMIRAL: husband of snobby friend of Felicity

DON: Miranda's ex-lover (American accent) (30s)


Read through: Thursday August 1st

Auditions: Thursday August 8th

Rehearsals start: Monday August 12th

Recording: Monday August 19th

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